Kindness Counts Photo Gallery

Kindness Counts Memories

Kindness Counts wishes to share with you a small representation of the thousands of animals and pets we have aided over the many  years serving East Tennessee residents.

Visited our Spay-Neuter-Vaccination Clinic and would like to share a photo of your pet, please send by email to and we will try to get them on the site as time permits.

Daisy 1000th Spay - Neuter

Daisy was the 1000th Spay-Neuter in 105 days since the opening of Kindness Counts.

Exterior Kindness Counts Animal Clinic

Welcome to Kindness Counts small animal clinic, now open in Sevier County Tennessee.

Entrance to Kindness Counts Spay - Neuter Clinic

Kindness Counts Animal Clinic exterior. A non-profit animal clinic for spaying, neutering and vaccinating small animals at low-cost.

Kindness Counts reception area.

Sevierville animal clinic, lobby and reception desk at Kindness Counts.

Kindness Counts Pre-Op ready room.

Spacious pre-op surgery room for preparation in spay and neuter operations.

Operating Room Kindness Counts animal clinic.

Our Sevierville pet clinic houses a well equipped operating room.

Pet kennels at the animal clinic.

Some of our Sevierville animal clinic’s pet kennels for pre and post surgery.

Clinic kennel rooms with individual temperatures.

Our kennels are housed in several purposed rooms, each with independent heat and air for health reasons.

Animal clinic break room.

Our newly completed break room at the Sevierville pet clinic.

Kindness Counts Dog Kennels

Some of our Sevierville animal clinic’s dog kennels for pre and post surgery.

Vet Technicians at Kindness Counts animal clinic.

Our Vet technicians and assistants keep very busy preparing for the day’s operation schedule.

Animal clinic laundry facility.

Lots of animals means lots of bedding to be washed daily.

Pet Kennels for pre-post op holding

Photo of more kennels available for our furry guest.

Curry Cottage exterior.

Curry’s Cat Cottage located on the grounds of the animal clinic.

Curry Cottage kitchen.

Curry’s Cat Cottage kitchen located on the property.

Living room at Curry Cottage.

Currys Cottage living room, a rescue home for cats.

Frenchie dressed to visit the vet at Kindness Counts.

Ok, I’m all dressed up, where are we going?

Kitty cats at Curry Cottage.

Kitkats kittens looking for attention.

Sweet Siamese kitten.

Now this is the life, total relaxation.

Sugar cat at Curry Cottage.

Sugar, one of several residents at Curry’s Cottage, Kindness Counts Small Animal Clinic.

Luna cat recouping after spay surgery.

Luna relaxing before surgery.

Vet Training always ongoing at Kindness Counts.

Veterinarian conducting in-house training with Vet Techs and Assistants.

Prepping cat for spay at Kindness Counts Clinic.

One of our cat friends being prepped for surgery.

French Bulldog takes nap after surgery.

I’m a French Bulldog who loves to take naps, but I do it cutely!

Vet and vet tech perform surgery.

Our Veterinarian performing surgery with his Vet Tech assisting. A great team makes for great results in animal care.

April and Faye at Kindnees Counts pet clinic.

April and Fay Raye just playing around at the pet clinic.