Animal Clinic Spay Services

Pet spay services at Kindness Counts clinic.

Spay Services

Be sure to call about our low-cost spay services, professionally conducted in our East Tennessee Smoky Mountains Spay, Neuter, Vaccination Clinic.

When your female pet arrives her physical condition will be checked by our veterinarian before surgery.  The pet is weighed to calculate the proper amount of drugs needed for the procedure and then sedated.  After she is asleep, she will be shaved and prepped for surgery.  She will also receive an injectable antibiotic and pain medication and any requested vaccinations.  Dogs will have their nails trimmed at this time.

The spay (ovariohysterectomy) is the complete removal of the female reproductive tract. The ovaries, oviducts, uterine horns, and the uterus are removed. Not only does this procedure prevent the animal from becoming pregnant, it also eliminates the heat cycles.

After surgery your pet will be returned to a holding cage and monitored while she wakes up.  Once your pet is fully awake our vet will reexamine her vital signs and surgical site to make sure she is ready to go home.

Once you pick up your pet you should keep her in a quiet and temperature controlled environment away from other pets.  Offer half of her normal food ration and water.  The next day normal feeding can be resumed.

It takes up to two weeks for your pet to completely heal.  During this time try to limit running, aggressive playing, and jumping as this can reopen the surgical site.  Also watch for excessive licking.  Although not very common in females, if your pet is fixated on cleaning the surgical site an e-collar may be needed to prevent injury. Wait at least 10 days after surgery before bathing your pet.

Spay Pricing

Cats$55No extra charge if pregnant, in heat, or nursing
Dogs Under 70 lbs.$85
Dogs Over 70 lbs.$105
Mama Cat Special$40Must be brought in with at least one young kitten between 2-4 pounds
Kitten Special$25Only for whole litters and/or with a mama cat (kittens must be between 2-4 pounds)

Low Income Spay Pricing


(must show proof, same price for male and female)

Dogs Under 70 lbs.$55
Dogs Over 70 lbs.$75

Minimum vaccination required for all dogs and cats is the rabies (if not previously given within last 12 months). Rabies vaccination is $10 and not included in spay/neuter pricing.